GpgOL: Might send out mails with the plain text body after encryption
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This was reported in the Wald Message Board ( )

There it looks like the Save failed after we updated the mail with the encrypted content. Somhow our MIME Attachment is attached but the Body was not wiped.

14:30:03/12660/oomhelp.cpp:invoke_oom_method_with_parms: Method 'Save' invokation failed: 0x80020009

I don't know exactly why this happens for this user or how to prevent it.

To fix this issue I want to implement a check before passing send that the Body is empty through OOM and/or MAPI try to wipe it again and if that fails cancel the send and print an error.

Forgot to mention this bug in the commit addressing this. ( 278893850ed926d4646929ee97576a8d09fd4998 )

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According to our tests and the Message board this is fixed.