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Lock Symbol in Outlook doesn't update to GpgOLs Lock Symbol on existing S/MIME encrypted mails
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Older Mails that have been encrpyted with S/MIME before GpgOL was installed don't get the updated Lock Symbol, when S/MIME is activated in GpgOL.

As you can see in the screenshot this account has some older S/MIME encrypted mails in his sent folder and some newer encrypted ones. The ones I sent with the freshly installed GpgOL have the correct Lock Symbol next to it, the ones that were already there don't have the correct lock symbol.

It was tested with gpg4win 3.0.1 on Windows 10 64bit with Outlook 2010 64bit.



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The symbols are coming from the message class and are only updated when the mail is viewed and afterwards unselected. It might be that Outlook sometimes does not update the symbol when the message class changes after the message has been read once.

I don't see what GpgOL could do differently here so I don't consider this as a bug. It's very minor unexpected behavior.