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Encrypting multiple files with Kleopetra
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System: Win 7, Kleopetra 3.0.0

Selecting two (or more) files for encryption in Windws Explorer via the context menu (right click) causes a crash of Kleopatra


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I can't reproduce this with Kleopatra 3.0.1 from Gpg4win 3.0.2. It just works as expected. Both if I encrypt the files as an archive or if I encrypt them seperately.

Anything special about your files (maybe their names) or their location (maybe some network share)?

It's a bit stange, following szenario (I have just tested it):


OS: Win 7 Pro 64 bit DE
HDD: local SSD (no network share involved), sufficient free space
Files to encrypt: three MS Word files (in this example)
File to be encrypted for: me and two other recipients


Select all three Word files in Explorer --> right klick --> sign and encrypt (I suppose, I'm using the German version)


In most cases it works works and an encrypted tar.gpg is generated. In some cases (using the very same files) the encryption proccess hangs, the CPU fan spinns up and I have to (a.) close the dialog box but also (b.) to exit Kleopetra in the Notification Area of the Win 7 task bar (the stuff in the lower right corner). The latter is neccessary, as Kleopetra maintains the temporary file generated during the encryption process open until I end all instances of Kleopetra.

That said, we'd need a log file to trace back the events under which Kleopetra can't end the encryption process properly. Can you point me to the appropriate log file(s) so that I can provide further information for debugging purposes?


Kleopatra's debug output can be seen with DebugView

For GnuPG / Gpg-agent create or edit (if they exist) files in %APPDATA%\gnupg


debug-level guru
log-file c:\<somepath>\gpg-agent.log


debug-level guru
log-file c:\<somepath>\gpg.log

Where <somepath> stands for: Some directory where you can write with normal user permissions.

Then kill the gpg-agent.exe process with the taskmanager if it is running.

It would be interesting to know which process is churning your CPU time. Please look with task manager if it is Kleopatra or one of the Backend processes (gpg-agent.exe or gpg.exe)

Thanx for your immediate reply -- highly appreciated :)

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I am pretty sure that this had the same underlying cause as T4332 which was fixed with Gpg4win-3.1.7