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gnupg-.13.90 won't compile on solaris 8 -- asprintf reference
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Solaris 8, x86


Undefined first referenced

symbol                             in file

asprintf app-openpgp.o

Note: autoconf determined that asprintf is not available.

How To Repeat

Attempt to build on solaris 8.


Should be fixed in 1.4.0

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werner added a subscriber: werner.

gnupg 1.9 won't build on Solaris. As of now we only support
GNU and *BSD systems. Work is in progress to rectify this
situation be deploying a new buffered I/O layer which will
also repalce the need for asprintf.

There are also other reasons why it won't build on Solaris
(cf. funopen)

Neil noted to me that this is 1.3.90, not 1.9.

Fixed in 1.3.91 to be released today. Please tell us
whether this works for you.

No response, seems to be fixed with 1.4.0

werner removed a project: Testing.