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Using multiple subkeys in GPG Hyperlink in the Documentation Howtos
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Fedora Core 2, Mozilla 1.6

Description section has:

GnuPG Subkeys MiniHOWTO

If you are using GnuPG on an insecure machine (e.g. at office) or have more than one location where you work with GnuPG, you likely ended up having more than one primary key, more passphrases to remember, and more favours to beg people who have to sign all your primary keys.

The solution addressed by Adrian von Bidder in his mini HOWTO titled "Using multiple subkeys in GPG" makes use of a GnuPG's feature which provides the possibility of create and manage subkeys bound to your primary key.

But there is *NO* hyperlink to locate the Actual Document "Using multiple subkeys in GPG", the link instead points to the same documentation howto page.


Provide the Hyperlink to "Using multiple subkeys in GPG" Document in the Documentation Howto Page.

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The link points to which
hosts a page titled "Using multiple subkeys in GPG". Sorry,
I don't understand where the problem is.

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