I am tired of errors like Connection Closed in DNS, Server Indicated a Failure, No Keyserver Available, and Not Enabled when trying to do something with a keyserver
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I've tried everything. I've tried enabling dirmngr's standard resolver. I've tried turning off my vpn. I've tried using pgp.mit.edu and pool.sks-keyservers.net, using their domain name or their IP, with hkp or hkps.

If I specify my keyserver as an IP, in all cases, I get a No Keyserver Available error.

If I use a domain name as my keyserver, with standard resolver enabled, I get a Not Enabled error.

If I use a domain name as my keyserver, with standard resolver disabled, I get a Connection Closed in DNS error. If I do this after disabling my VPN, I get a Server Indicated a Failure error, but after some time without my VPN I get Connection Closed in DNS again.

Ugh, what do I do?

GPG version 2.2.4, dirmngr version 2.2.4


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The first thing you should do is to write a proper bug reporting, including your OS, any special configiration you use (e.g. using a dedicated DNS sever) and the exact commands you give and outputs you see. Always use option -v with gpg. dirmngr can create a log file:

log-file /foo/.bar/dirmngr.log
debug ipc,dns

into ~/.gnupg/dirmngr.conf and run "gpgconf --kill all".

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I close this bug - if you can provide the log files please feel free to reopen.