GnuPG should reject keys that are subkeys of itself
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Discovered at is a
bizarre construct, where a key is its own subkey.

gnupg should notice this misconfiguration and reject the key.

Valodim created this task.EditedJan 31 2018, 4:26 PM

uploaded the offending key for reference:

this was also reported in hopenpgp-tools

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I can't see why this should be out-of-spec. In fact I did this my self several times to create keys from other keys.

I agree that a warning might be justified.

a key that is signed as its own subkey, in a construct where the key and subkey have the same fingerprint? what ever could be a valid use case for such a scenario?

werner added a comment.Feb 1 2018, 9:28 AM

You have a token with one spare key which you want to use for encryption and certification. And being able to replace the encryption subkey eventually.

Valodim added a comment.EditedFeb 1 2018, 12:47 PM

Sorry, I don't understand. Can you describe your use case in more detail?

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Ah, scratch that, I think I got it.

The use case as I understand it occurs due to gnupg's way of binding token keys to specific keys in the keyring, which is an implementation detail. I suspect that any user that attempts to do something like this who is not a developer of openpgp software will only get burnt, and I don't see how that is worth losing the identity property of fingerprints in a keyring.

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