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`gpg --sign-key` has prompt implies attempting to sign revoked User IDs even though it won't.
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if i do gpg --sign-key example, i get a confusing prompt that claims i'm being asked to sign revoked User IDs. Furthermore, even if i say "yes" to it, it does *not* sign the revoked User IDs.

[ unknown] (1). Example User <>
[ revoked] (2)  Example User <>

Really sign all text user IDs? (y/N) y
User ID "Example User <>" is revoked.  Unable to sign.

This is a confusing user experience.



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I also think that when calling sign from the --edit-key interactive menu the experience should be a bit different. Instead of listing all the UIDs (even the revoked one) and then warning about the impossibility to sign some of them, it would be better to re-list only the UIDs that are going to be signed. In case --only-sign-text-ids is specified, the non-text UIDs should be stripped from this list too.

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