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gpg-connect-agent: `HELP` lists `SIGKEY <hexstring_with_keygrip>` but only shows `SETKEY`
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It's not clear why the output of HELP shows a different synopsis for SETKEY than for SIGKEY, when HELP SETKEY shows the same synopsis for both,

0 dkg@alice:~$ gpg-connect-agent help /bye | grep S..KEY
# SIGKEY <hexstring_with_keygrip>
# SETKEYDESC plus_percent_escaped_string
0 dkg@alice:~$ gpg-connect-agent 'help SETKEY' /bye
# SIGKEY <hexstring_with_keygrip>
# SETKEY <hexstring_with_keygrip>
# Set the  key used for a sign or decrypt operation.
0 dkg@alice:~$



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werner triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Feb 14 2018, 5:12 PM
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/* Print all commands.  If a help string is available and that
   starts with the command name, print the first line of the
   help string.  */

For SETKEY this is not true. To change this we would need to have an "alias" flag to tell libassuan that setkey is an alias of sigkey. Not sure whether this really makes sense.