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No connection to the UIServer Component on Kleopatra startup
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A User reported an Issue over at reddit, that he can't use Kleopatra or GPA with Errors on the startup. He says, that he had never Gpg4win installed and uses Windows 7.

This is the Error he's getting while starting Kleopatra:

And this is the Error he's getting after starting GPA:

Because there is an issue in both key managers, I think this isn't just an issue with Kleopatra; but I'm not sure where to dig.



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Kleopatra can still be used without UI Server connectivity. But this might point to a bigger issue.

Likely the Home directory is on a file system thats causing problems (e.g. SAMBA) or the user once started Kleopatra with Administrator rights.

Suggestion would be to move / remove %APPDATA%\Roaming\gnupg and ask if the homedir is redirected.

Low priority as it's likely some user / setup problem.