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Please allow exporting secret subkey stubs for smartcards
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when using gpg with a smartcard, I need to place a special secret keyring that does not contain actual keys on the machines I want to use the smartcard on. Exporting the secret key with --export-secret-subkeys will give me a key with a stub master key, but with all my subkeys, including functional ones.

It is possible to remove the functional keys using gpgsplit, however having a --export-secret-stubs (or similar) function that would export a dummy master key and all divert-to-card or otherwise unusable subkeys would be neat.

Release Note

1.4.1 automagically creates the required stubs when doing a --card-status or --card-edit. Merging new subkeys into an existing key does however not yet work. We might do this later. The change is already in the CVS.

Event Timeline

I have been thinking about this problem and something should
be done. Either an export or a an implicit creation of a
stub subkey. Will be added to one of the next releases.

werner removed a project: Testing.

Solved. 1.41rc2 has been released and 1.4.1 is not far away