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gpg useability for wizards only or is it meant for public?
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I tried to use gpg and succedded only partly. The documentation seems to be made for wizards knowing all or most of cryptography. I spent more than three days to understand the usage of gpg from documentation and man pages, but failed to et a real clue. This is in stark contrast to the aim of the gpg project to practically reach everybody to make use of gpg for protecting everybody's privacy. The documentation is full of technical terms which are hardly understood. I lost track on page 18 of the manual covering 93 pages, though working for more than 30 years in computer environments.


Amend the documentation with kind of a cook book including examples throughout. I would be willing to contribute to this, if someone is able to communicate this matter without using technical terms that are only known to experts.

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See for more documentation of write to There are lots of howtos and other