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Window sizing issue
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I open GPA. I click Edit -> Backend Preferences. The window Crypto Backend Preferences appears. The window is sized so that I cannot see or access the buttons I assume are at the bottom of the window, like ok, save, cancel, etc. I can horizontally resixe the window with no effect on this issue, but it will not allow vertical resizing. I have tried all three Level options and it is the same on all three of them.

Expected results are the ability to access the buttons to cancel or commit any changes made in the settings.


GPA 0.9.10

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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 9 2018, 10:26 AM
werner added a project: gpa.

I have made a patch for this, that add scrollbars to scroll up and down in the settings. This adds the need to set a default window size, which I have set to 700 x 500, which seems fine. Tested on a relatively low-resolution machine (1366 x 768), where it seems to work fine for me.

Patch should be usable using git am.

In addition to what I said above - the patch comes with two small side-effects - The size of the content in the tab is constant over the tabs, so that even a page with not very many settings will show a scrollbar, even if it only makes it possible to scroll in empty space from below.

The other problem is that also the tabs is in the scrollable area, so when you scroll down, the tabs disappear up.