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Connect a TOR server not running on localhost.
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I am running TOR an a server in my local network. The proxy chain Squid/privoxy/TOR works good for keyserver request with http_proxy envvar, but this is not valid for WKD or LDAP access.

It would be nice to see the possibility to use an other TOR server than localhost. this vould be set with an option, or even with an envvar. Probably combined with --use-tor.

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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 8 2018, 8:01 AM
werner added projects: gnupg, Tor.

Assuming dirmngr is just connecting to localhost on one of the following ports: 9050, 9150 or 8118 (maybe) then an interim workaround could be achieved with ncat (or netcat, or nc ... but ncat is like those two on steroids and will happily pass a shell exec function to connect to the remote host with openssl too (which may be preferred depending on the size of the LAN).

So if there's nothing running on port 9050 on the workstation, but tor is running on that port on the server (and accepting connections on the external (LAN) interface, etc.), this will do the job (until this feature request becomes more feature than request):

ncat --sh-exec "openssl s_client -connect tor.server.local:9050" -l 9050 --keep-open