using winpt on a 15GB image file - always crashes
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Windows XP, Dell 4700, WinPT front end,
WinPT v2.0rc2
GnuPG 1.2.1


for a large hard-drive image ~15GB, at around the 2GB mark I get 'decryption failed'. WinPT crashes.



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Please update to the latest gnupg of that series (1.2.7) or even to 1.4.0a. You should also run the decryption from the command line to sort out where the problems are.

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I'm not sure what WinPT release you use, but make sure you
do _not_ use the Windows Privacy Tools from Use gpg4win
instead or directly WinPT (1.0.0pre2) and GPG 1.4.5.

This was a problem in WinPT pre "new-gpgme".

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