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Kleopatra: Bulk import and certify
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It would be convenient for users to import multiple certificates at once and certify them.

Kleopatra could show for each key the fingerprint and all userids which would be certified.
A bulk import could establish a base of communication partners. Especially if the keylist came from a trusted source. E.g. from an Administrator.

This would only offer lsign.

(I think we still need to fix that you can do a sign after an lsign with kleopatra)



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On another note. We might also want to reduce the clicks required when certifying a key. The "I have checked the fingerprint" checkbox is out of time. People will check it regardless and we can't force them to do it.

If we really would want to force them we could have them enter some parts of the fingerprint manually. But I don't think that should be done at this point.