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libgcrypt: yat2m does not respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, patch included
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libgcrypt 1.8.2 is not reproducible on GNU Guix (and on Debian also).

The reason is that yat2m does not respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and includes a build-time timestamp in the created man-page.

I found out that bug entry 5494a5728418 fixed that problem already for libgpg-error.

I created a patch via:

diff -u libgcrypt-1.8.3/doc/yat2m.c gnupg-2.2.9/doc/yat2m.c

That patch contains slightly more than just the timestamp patch.
From the comments it looks like this should also be synced, but
I'm not fully sure. Thus I created a simple trimmed patch for GNU Guix.

The Guix patch {F419073}will be attached here.