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GpgOL: Inline OpenPGP inside S/MIME mails is not handled
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When an S/MIME Signed mail contains PGP/Inline data it is not handled by GpgOL. GpgOL sees that it is S/MIME and either treats it as an S/MIME mail or if S/MIME is disabled just does nothing with the mail.

Some solutions might send that with gateway solutions that sign everything so it would be nice if GpgOL would handle this.



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It's not super good but now when S/MIME is disabled we also look into the body of S/MIME mails to check for the PGP Inline message marker.

This will only work for new mails which were never looked at in GpgOL as old mails are marked as S/MIME mails already and to avoid regression risks with this corner case old message classes are not changed.

aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Aug 30 2018, 9:49 AM
aheinecke changed the task status from Testing to Open.Aug 30 2018, 2:40 PM

I have to revert the changes. The problem is that with attachments included Outlook must parse the S/MIME Mail. The code I've added to handle the PGP/Inline in GpgOL would result in hidden attachments as Outlook no longer properly parses the S/MIME Mail, we only decrypt the body and so attachments are gone.

This is a bigger issue :-/

Note to self. For Backwards compatibility :

diff --git a/src/mapihelp.cpp b/src/mapihelp.cpp
index d9e276d..c8c0561 100644
--- a/src/mapihelp.cpp
+++ b/src/mapihelp.cpp
@@ -3419,6 +3419,17 @@ mapi_mark_or_create_moss_attach (LPMESSAGE message, msgtype_t msgtype)
           table[i].attach_type == ATTACHTYPE_MOSS ||
           table[i].attach_type == ATTACHTYPE_MOSSTEMPL)
+          if ((msgtype == MSGTYPE_GPGOL_PGP_MESSAGE ||
+              msgtype == MSGTYPE_GPGOL_CLEAR_SIGNED) &&
+              table[i].attach_type == ATTACHTYPE_MOSS)
+            {
+              /* This can happen if a PGP/Inline message was classified
+                 wrongly in the past. */
+              log_error ("%s:%s: Found MOSS attachment for inline msg. "
+                         "Ignoring it.",
+                         SRCNAME, __func__);
+              continue;
+            }
           if (!part1)
               part1 = i + 1;

I think this can go to wontfix for now. Inline PGP inside of S/MIME,.. well that is not good.