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Please change the GUI-Link from WinPT to GPGshell
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I would suggest to remove WinPT from your Linklist. it seems as the project might be dead and the offered Release Candidate can not cope with GnuPG 1.4 (and I did not find any version of WinPT who could - but the "normal" Version to download should be UP TO DATE!).

Therefor a Windows user who does not his way around too good might stick with the GnuPG version (iirc 1.2.2) coming with WinPT which is dangerous. Also updating afterwards to version 1.2.7 is not that easy as it is not available as a precompiled version for Windows.

So please think about removing WinPT - sadly as it is, I always normally use/used WinPT - and adding GPGshell. it just seems to be the more active project with more features ...

so far,

Release Candidate 1.0: April, 28th, 2003

GPGshell v3.30 released December, 11th, 2004


change the WebSite

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WinPT is still live and up to trhe latest gpg versions. It also includes card support. The problem is that the winpt at is separate from Timo's orginal project. Tehre will be a winpt directory at RSN.

GPGshell is proprietary software and thus we won't link to it.

Ah well, please change the link from to

which is up-to-date,