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GngOL cannot decrypt title nor sender; How to disable certificate selection dialog?
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I want to move from thunderbird to Outlook.

When in Thunderbird i use title encryption (with using PGP/MIME) on sending email and open it in Outlook, it does not decrypt the title in the title bar, yet in body of an mail it appears with sender information, and its decrypted, unless it has special characters like ł, ą, ć etc.. I've read, that there is problem with MAPI and MIME, and that after massage gets to MAPI gpgol cannot decrypt it properly. How to overcome that?

Another issue is that everytime i send an email the certificate selection dialog apperas, even though it choose the right certificate for the recipient automaticly i always need to confirm that, how to disable that confirmation dialog, since kleopatra is able to choose the right certifitace for me every time? Or just let me choose the certificate only when there is an conflict?


Gpg4win (3.1.3); GnuPG (2.2.10); GpgOL (2.3.0)

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Hi Adam,

Encrypting / Decrypting the subject is not yet supported in GpgOL. It does not really have something to do with MAPI and MIME. It's just that Enigmail uses a trick to encrypt the subject and it's very complicated for us to properly handle that. Most other Mail clients also don't handle it so it's nicer if you don't encrypt the subject,. There is a wish to add this feature to GpgOL T3798

For the second question:
GpgOL will only automatically resolve certificates if they are trustworthy. Otherwise it will ask for confirmation. Is it possible that you have not "certified" the certificates in Kleopatra or other trust in them? If GpgOL shows a blue icon next to the certificate it means that it is not certified. You can use Kleopatra to certifiy certificates for yourself so that GpgOL knows that these are certificates it can trust.

I'm closing this as "Invalid" as its more a question. You can still comment on this issue.

Dear aheinecke,

thank You for Your response.

About MAPI and MIME I've read about that in here: