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export all valid authentication subkeys in --export-ssh-key
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I do not see why --export-ssh-key exports only a single key (the latest). In my configuration, I have private key material for each device split into multiple subkeys. They are all active and valid authentication keys, and should be included in the output.

I know that I can manually enumerate the subkeys and iterate --export-ssh-key 'SUBKEY!' but that's really clunky. Besides, what I want to do is to tell people:

To get my SSH key, type the following:

gpg --recv-keys 8DC901CE64146C048AD50FBB792152527B75921E # optional, do check validity
gpg --export-ssh-key 8DC901CE64146C048AD50FBB792152527B75921E

Not a crazy shell script that's going to haphazardly parse --with-colons (and break in the next upgrade).

At least there should be an --export-option to tweak that.

Thanks for that nice feature!