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GpgOL: Incompatibility with Microsoft Azure Information Protection add-in
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It has been reported by mail that Microsoft Azure Information Protection does not work together with GpgOL. Maybe we can do something about this. It looks like the client is free to download so we can test it.

The original report was:

I just discovered GpgOL (I am using version 2.3.2) is not compatible
with the Microsoft Azure Information Protection add-in [1].

When both add-ins are enabled, gpgOL doesn't fully detect encrypted
mails as such, so it's not possible to decrypt them. There is a blue
lock in the message list, but when previewing or opening a message,
the icon in the Ribbon bar stays as "Insecure" and there's no prompt
for the passphrase.

The encryption part seems to work properly. Once I disabled the AIP
add-in, I could decrypt emails sent before, while it was enabled.