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I keep getting errors from trying to decrypt messages sent to me.

"No data" is what i get and when i diagnose, i get
gpg: CRC error; 34D2A1 - 50B6BA

Kindly help as i am having difficulties. I have created a new key. I cant even decrypt old messages like i use to.

Kindly help


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that error means that the message was somehow corrupted during transfer. Are you maybe using ftp in text mode on a binary message for example?
You could ask your communication partner to send you messages in text (ASCII Armor) mode which is more robust.
In Kleopatra you can change that in Settings -> Configure Kleopatra -> Crypto Operations -> Create signed or encrypted files as text files.
On the command line you need to add "--armor" option.

Hope this helps. I'm closing this issue as this is not a software problem. The error is clear. You can still comment / respond in this issue.