"gpg-connect-agent updatestartuptty /bye" never returns with bash 5.0
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Debian buster
gpgconf 2.2.12-1
bash 5.0-1

Since I upgraded from bash 4.4 to bash 5.0, the following command launched as root loops endlessly:

# gpg-connect-agent --verbose updatestartuptty /bye

The gpg-agent is already running before the previous call.

No such issue when the call is made as a non-root user.


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Rebooting the system makes the issue disappear.

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I think Bash 5.0 is in sid, not testing yet. Are you sure it's related to Bash 5.0? Is there any possibility your upgrading some other software causing this?

I don't think this is an issue of GnuPG, although it may be somehow related.

I mean, this is an issue of Debian upgrade. If it is reproducible for its released version (or release candidate), please open your bug report again here.