Kleopatra erstellt keine Schlüssel
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Hallo, ich versuche mit Kleopatra meinen schlüssel zu erstellen. Es funktioniert nicht.
Zuerst sieht es aus als würde es funktionieren. Der normale Dialog kommt:

Jedoch beim Speichern einer Sicherheitskopie, kommt folgender Fehler:

Beim Aktualisieren der Zertifikate kommt folgender Dialog:

Anbei noch die Log-Dateien:

Freue mich auf Hilfe. Vielen Dank


3.1.4-gpg4win-3.1.5 5.43.0, Gpg4win
drdental created this task.Jan 16 2019, 3:56 PM

Hello, I'm trying to create my key with Cleopatra. It does not work.
At first it looks like it will work. The normal dialogue comes:
F576314: 1.jpg
The following when saving a backup, the following error occurs:
F576316: 2.jpg
When updating the certificates comes the following dialog:
F576319: 3.jpg
Enclosed the log files:
F576313: kleopatra.log.8456
F576312: Cleo-log
F576311: kleopatra.log.7084
Looking forward to help. Many Thanks

we have a rare situation where the Home directory of Kleopatras backend ( gnupg ) becomes corrupted. This results in undefined behavior and strange error states from which we do not yet recover.

Thanks for reporting this, though, each report shows us that we have to raise the priority on this.

The workaround is to move away the folder "%APPDATA%\gnupg" and try again. %APPDATA% Expands to something like c:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming

If you only have test data or no valid data in your gnupg home, could you please create a zip of that folder and attach it to: T4159
That might help us to analyse this issue further.