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Attachments in Outlook
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When I send a signed email, with attachment, to myself, the attachment is not appearing.

Image 1: GpgOL enabled.

Image 2: GpgOL disabled.



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Interesting. Thanks for reporting this. This happened in the past because images had a "content-id" (so they were marked to be an embedded image) but were not really embedded. I did not have a very good fix then because it is hard for us to detect (easy for Outlook itself though) so there might be more special cases where this happens.

It is like if you embed a small image in your mail you would not wish it to be listed as an attachment.
What is your sending application?
To confirm that you can switch your Outlook temporarily to only show text emails. In that case the attachment should show.

Could you be so very kind as to write yourself a testmail that shows this Problem (without private data) and then enable Debugging in GpgOL Options. Log Level "+outlook api" and check the "Include Data" option. To analyse this I sadly need the include data option.

You can attach the log file here or alternatively you can send me such a mail to "" (so that I can reproduce it myself) or just the log to ""

Prio -> High as this is "kinda" data loss (well data is not lost but only hidden).

No... In this situation, my atachment is a rar file

sorry for the late reply. I cannot reproduce the issue.

It would be a great help if you could send me such a signed mail with an example attachment to


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Without more reports and without the info needed to analyze this further I'm lowering the priority.


But sadly I can't see any problem with the mail. Looking at the source of the mail it has the image as one attachment. That attachment is displayed. There are no other attachments part of the mail and so other clients also only show that one attachment.

Do you mean that this one attachment is hidden for you?

For me it looks like:

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