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Kleopatra fails to encrypt a directory
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I tried to encrypt a directory using Kleopatra from Debian/testing (4:18.08.3-1), and it fails with the following message:

Output of /bin/tar cf - -T- ... -> encme.tar.gpg: Encryption failed.

Input error: Error while running /bin/tar:
/bin/tar: -: file name read contains nul character
/bin/tar: The following options were used after any non-optional arguments in archive create or update mode. These options are positional and affect only arguments that follow them. Please, rearrange them properly.
/bin/tar: --null has no effect
/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

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Thanks for the report. This was fixed with: which I backported to Applications 18.12 which is the current stable release. But debian needs to add this patch. I'll report a debian bug and link it here.

aheinecke claimed this task.

With the downstream report: I resolve this here.