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gpg --generate-key --batch from existing key (with Key-Grip:) fails on 64-bit big-endian architectures
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the build logs for monkeysphere 0.43-3 on sparc64 s390x and ppc64 show it failing with:

gpg: key generation failed: Invalid S-expression

This happens based on this part of the test suite which invokes gpg --generate-key with this input:

Key-Type: $keyType
Key-Grip: $keyGrip
Key-Usage: auth
Name-Real: $serviceName

the same test suite appears to work fine on the other builders, and i've seen the same test suite work fine on 32-bit big-endian powerpc architecture running 2.2.13 as well.



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This might be related to T4490, since it's the same sort of key generation process.

dkg set Version to 2.2.13.
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I ran the example script from T4490 on an s390x machine, and got the following output:

+ HOSTNAME=test.example
++ mktemp -d
+ export GNUPGHOME=/tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq
+ GNUPGHOME=/tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq
+ trap cleanup EXIT
+ cat
+ cat
+ gpgconf --launch gpg-agent
+ ssh-keygen -q -t rsa -N '' -f /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/example_ssh_rsa_key
++ gpgconf --list-dirs agent-ssh-socket
+ export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/S.gpg-agent.ssh
+ SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/S.gpg-agent.ssh
+ ssh-add /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/example_ssh_rsa_key
Identity added: /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/example_ssh_rsa_key (dkg@zelenka)
++ awk '/^[0-9A-F]/{print $1 }'
+ KEYGRIP=3DFC2730B28F3E7DA0540AE33351763D76C374C1
+ test -n 3DFC2730B28F3E7DA0540AE33351763D76C374C1
+ gpg --full-generate-key
gpg: keybox '/tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/pubring.kbx' created
gpg: key generation failed: Invalid S-expression
+ cleanup
+ tail -v /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/sshcontrol /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/gpg-agent.log /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/status
==> /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/sshcontrol <==
# RSA key added on: 2019-05-11 02:12:08
# Fingerprints:  MD5:ff:0c:a1:73:d7:6c:c3:b6:75:97:16:86:d5:5d:2a:03
#                SHA256:g7ImD7vIefJIgdEqIDig6BnLYYHiXR4Fogphr3hHPco
3DFC2730B28F3E7DA0540AE33351763D76C374C1 0

==> /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/gpg-agent.log <==
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 <- OPTION allow-pinentry-notify
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 -> OK
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 <- OPTION agent-awareness=2.1.0
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 -> OK
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 <- RESET
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 -> OK
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 <- READKEY 3DFC2730B28F3E7DA0540AE33351763D76C374C1
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 -> [ 44 20 28 31 30 3a 70 75 62 6c 69 63 2d 6b 65 79 ...(301 byte(s) skipped) ]
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 -> OK
2019-05-11 02:12:08 gpg-agent[60894] DBG: chan_10 <- [eof]

==> /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq/status <==
[GNUPG:] ERROR key_generate 33554515
+ rm -rf /tmp/tmp.DwUgS4Tsfq

I also did a base64 < "$GNUPGHOME/private-keys-v1.d/".key at the end of a different run of that script, and it produced this output, if you'd like to inspect the actual S-expression stored:


here is a copy of another example generated key (not b64-encoded), if you want to just download it.

fwiw, i've just tried loading the same keyfile that the s390x (64-bit big-endian) implementation choked on into a running gpg-agent on an amd64 machine (64-bit little-endian) and gpg --full-generate-key succeeded with that same key on amd64.

Likewise, i've taken a *.key S-expression file from an amd64 machine where it was used successfully to generate a key and put it on an s390x machine; it failed on the s390x machine.

So there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the key file itself or how it was created, just with how the 64-bit big-endian machines deal with it during key generation.

And, i just discovered that when i manually edit the key to remove the (comment) list from the *.key S-expression file, everything works fine on s390x. so the failure appears to be due to the (comment), just like in T4490.

It looks to me like gcry_sexp_canon_len is returning 0 on these platforms from within a backtrace like this:

#0  agent_readkey (ctrl=<optimized out>, fromcard=fromcard@entry=0,
    hexkeygrip=<optimized out>, r_pubkey=r_pubkey@entry=0x3ffffffe9b0)
    at /usr/include/s390x-linux-gnu/gpg-error.h:924
#1  0x00000001000785e0 in do_create_from_keygrip (
    ctrl=<error reading variable: value has been optimized out>,
    algo=algo@entry=1, hexkeygrip=<optimized out>, pub_root=0x10011b2c0,
    timestamp=timestamp@entry=1557800141, expireval=0, is_subkey=0)
    at ../../g10/keygen.c:1294
#2  0x000000010007cc4c in do_generate_keypair (card=0, outctrl=0x3ffffffec58,
    para=0x10011b210, ctrl=<optimized out>) at ../../g10/keygen.c:4704
#3  proc_parameter_file (ctrl=<optimized out>, ctrl@entry=0x100118ec0,
    para=para@entry=0x10011b210, fname=<optimized out>,
    fname@entry=<error reading variable: value has been optimized out>,
    outctrl@entry=<error reading variable: value has been optimized out>,
    card=card@entry=0) at ../../g10/keygen.c:3668
#4  0x000000010007f6a0 in read_parameter_file (fname=<optimized out>,
    ctrl=0x100118ec0) at ../../g10/keygen.c:3777
#5  generate_keypair (ctrl=0x100118ec0, full=<optimized out>,
    fname=<optimized out>, card_serialno=<optimized out>,
    card_backup_key=<optimized out>) at ../../g10/keygen.c:4146
#6  0x0000000100016248 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>)
    at ../../g10/gpg.c:4468

Ok, the difference appears to be that on these 64-bit big-endian platforms, they're returning a zero-byte string for the associated comment. When this happens, gcry_sexp_canon_len returns 0 because of GPG_ERR_SEXP_ZERO_PREFIX. The same thing happens on x86_64 platforms when confronted with such an s-expression.

Fwiw, i don't understand S-expressions well enough to know why that is actually a problem, but i'll just assume that it actually is a problem.

So anyway, the problem is now narrowed down to why gpg-agent on these 64-bit big-endian platforms do this to the comment string during a READKEY, when they don't do it on other platforms.

OK, i think the reason this is happening is that agent_public_key_from_file (in agent/findkey.c) is screwing up a %b format string in gcry_sexp_build_array.

That function assumes that a %b points to an int, and then a char *. But comment_length (and uri_length) are not ints, they are size_ts.

On many 64-bit platforms, int is 4 octets long, and size_t is 8 octets. On little-endian platforms, a pointer to an size_t will point to the least-significant octets, so it works (accidentally) to pass a pointer to the size_t itself where a pointer to an int is expected. But on big-endian platforms, the pointer to the size_t points to the most-significant octets.

There are 36 lines in the GnuPG codebase that mention %b. i haven't audited all of them for this kind of thing, but it seems pretty clear that the uri and comment in agent_public_key_from_file are wrong.

I've just pushed e4a158faacd67e15e87183fb48e8bd0cc70f90a8 to branch dkg/fix-T4501 as a proposed fix for this specific problem (it doesn't introduce anything in the test suite, or try to deal with any of the other %b problems).

I can confirm that this fix repairs the problem on debian's s390x.

I think this patch should be backported to STABLE-BRANCH-2-2

Good catch. Thanks for that work. I'll apply it to master and 2.2.

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