gpg ships gpgscm but not any of the necessary *.scm files
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running make install from within tests/gpgscm will install gpgscm in the $PREFIX.

however, gpgscm isn't useful without some of init.scm, repl.scm lib.scm, ffi.scm, etc.

It tends to fail with messages like:

Could not read init.scm: No such file or directory.
Consider using GPGSCM_PATH to specify the location of the Scheme library.
Error initializing gpgscm: No such file or directory.

So if we're going to ship gpgscm as a binary, we should also ship it with the standard initialization .scm files, and they should be placed in some standard place that gpgscm can find them.

Otherwise, we shouldn't bother installing gpgscm at all, and just leave it as an internal development utility.


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gpgscm will anyway be moved to libgpg-error and then installed as part of that package. Given that we install it for quite some time with gnupg, I won't remove it unless we can be sure that it has been installed by libgpg-error. Feel free to remove it from Debian, though,

dkg added a comment.May 29 2019, 7:36 PM

we've never shipped a binary gpgscm in any debian package. I was just reviewing the differences between what we ship and what upstream ships, and i noticed this discrepancy.

I agree with moving gpgscm to libgpg-error, fwiw, that sounds like the right thing to do. And i'd be happy to ship it as part of the gpgrt-tools package when it's moved over there, as long as it also ships with the necessary *.scm files.

Is there some place where you're tracking the move of gpgscm to gpg-error? do you have a plan for how to ensure that the history migrates into that repository as well?

Can you also clarify why you've marked this bug "wontfix"? are you saying that regardless of which upstream package ships gpgscm, you will never distribute *.scm files with the gpgscm binary?