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include keyserver url in key signatures
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Release: 1.4.0


While it's possible to include a keyserver url in data signatures using sig-keyserver-url, including a keyserver url in key signatures isn't supported -

Should someone set auto-key-retrieve & import a key with my signature, I would like to include the url from which to obtain my key.

Thanks for making gnupg such an exciting tool!




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David, can you please decide that.

The problem with this is that we don't have an auto-key-retrieve for key signatures. It's not even clear what such an option would do - fetch all signatures during a trust rebuild? I'm not sure we want such a thing.

Without an auto-key-retrieve that works for key signatures, storing a preferred keyserver there would be purely ornamental. Equivalent to a comment in the key.

From: Werner Koch <>
Subject: Re: gnupg/457
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 08:39:30 +0200

I concur that this does not make sense.

We won't implement this for the reason David has given and
to keep keyrings small.