Fix Gpgrelay to build with mingw and work with GnuPG > 2.1
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Gpgrelay is an encrypting / decrypting proxy for any MUA for Windows.

This is a useful tool but it is no longer maintained and does not work with GnuPG > 2.1.

It is free software so we could pick it up and fix it. But it is not written in our style and the current build system depends on MSVC. Still we might want to fix it and put it into gpg4win-tools or so.

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Any news about adopting GPGrelay to GnuPG > 2.1?

Next arising problem:
GPGrelay is working with OpenSSL 1.0.2.

Newer upcoming version OpenSSL 1.1.x has a new structure, so interaction between GPGrelay and OpenSSL will not work anymore without adoption...

In my opinion GPGrelay is an outstanding tool for automated en-/decryption, it would be a pity if stopped completly...

Kind regards.

We currently do not have the resources to work on it as our focus is more on GpgOL.

But with we are trying to get some commercial financing which might help us to hire someone to maintain gpgrelay.