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dirmngr documentation titles claim X.509 only, but should describe full scope of the daemon
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dirmngr handles not only X.509 CRL and OCSP support, but also all network access: HKP, WKD, DNS, etc.

however, doc/dirmngr.texi and doc/gnupg.texi still refer to it as "X.509 CRL and OCSP daemon" and "X.509 CRL and OCSP server", respectively.

Clarifying the scope and goals of dirmngr in its documentation would help answer common questions like "what is dirmngr?" (just asked today on IRC).

(i note additionally that "OCSP server" typically is used to mean an OCSP responder, but dirmngr itself is actually an OCSP client; architecturally, dirmngr is indeed a server, but it's not "that kind" of OCSP server, so maybe that clarification would be useful too)

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