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gpgsm --import --quiet is not quiet
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I'm trying to quietly import a PKCS#12 object with an empty passphrase with gpgsm, but it produces quite a bit of noise on stderr, despite my providing the --quiet option:

$ gpgsm --pinentry-mode=loopback --passphrase-fd 4 4<<<'' --homedir=$(mktemp -d) --batch --quiet --import <test.p12
gpgsm: 992 bytes of 3DES encrypted text
gpgsm: processing certBag
gpgsm: issuer certificate (#/CN=Sample LAMPS Certificate Authority) not found
gpgsm: 872 bytes of 3DES encrypted text
gpgsm: processing certBag
gpgsm: 1224 bytes of 3DES encrypted text
gpgsm: DBG: keygrip= D3 E5 44 6E 1D 01 22 86 F3 97 4B F4 BB CD 56 19 4A 2B E5 FC

--quiet is apparently not doing the job it is supposed to do here.

I've attached the test.p12 file i'm working with if anyone wants to try to replicate.



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Other ways that gpgsm --quiet is not quiet:

$ gpgsm --homedir /home/dkg/tmp/tmp.9N2MLnakUz --disable-dirmngr --quiet --disable-crl-checks --disable-policy-checks --disable-ocsp --import bob.encrypt.crt
gpgsm: issuer certificate (#/CN=Sample LAMPS Certificate Authority) not found
$ echo test | gpgsm --homedir /home/dkg/tmp/tmp.9N2MLnakUz --disable-dirmngr --quiet --disable-crl-checks --disable-policy-checks --disable-ocsp --recipient '&3B9045B756394324AB9F2AFC73F72972A5E5E134' --encrypt > test.p7
gpgsm: encrypted data created
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Done in 2.2 and 2.3. The issuer certificate thing is a real error message and thus it should be printed.

Thanks for the fixes, @werner!

If "issuer certificate (…) not found" is a real error message, it is pretty opaque to me. the only thing I asked for was an --import, not any sort of verification or validation of the certificate. What is the error? From my testing, it looks like gpgsm does actually import the certificate, and it returns 0 (typically meaning "success").

By comparison , importing an OpenPGP certificate (or "keyblock" if you prefer) into gpg with --quiet doesn't give me any warning messages, even if I import a certificate which is expired or otherwise unusable.

I'm re-opening this because I think the remaining message is a warning at worst, maybe eve just informational, and i generally expect --quiet to suppress any informational or warning message, as long as the stated intent (--import) succeeds.

Okay, okay, I had in mind that we print them because we used to put such certificates into the ephemeral certificate storage because it is not possible to check the signature. But I reliazed that this changed quite some time ago and we can view these error messages as informative only. They are now not anymore printed int quiet mode. Well, for 2.3 - not sure whether I should backport this to 2.2.