Shutdown dirmngr dosn't work with multiple instances executing
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Given the following set:

  • Win10 64-bit 1809 latest patches
  • local installation of gpg4win package, latest version 3.1.11
  • Installation of portableapps 16.0.3 on removeable USB device (stick), Apps: Thunderbird 60.9.1, Enigmail AddOn 2.0.12, GPG Plugin Portable 2.2.19 (

When running the portable version Thunderbird, then opening (Extras->Einstellungen dialogue box) a portable instance of gpg-agent and dirmngr are additionally startet. So far all works.

When terminating Thunderbird, then the portable version of gpg-agent and the local instance of dirmngr (instead of portable) is terminated. The portable version of dirmngr continues to execute and hence prevents terminating portableapps. Even more the process can't be stopped by any command except terminating it e.g. with process explorer of sysinternals.

It should be possible to shutdown the corresponding dirmngr similar to gpg-agent which works successfully.