Yubikey 5Ci for iPhone
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All my gpg keys are stored on smart card or on a Yubikey. It is the reason, why I never installed a GPG app on my iPhone, because the Hardware Security Modules were not yet supported. I ordered a Yubikey 5Ci, first mobile applications exist already. Therefore, I would appreciate, if you could may consider to support Yubikey 5Ci on mobile gpg app.


JW-D created this task.Mar 1 2020, 5:17 PM
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Supporting NFC tokens requires implementing secure messaging for cards. This is on our todo list anyway but has had no priority. I have a couple of Yubikeys but not done any work on NFC.

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The new Yubikey 5Ci does NOT work with NFC, this is wrong. This Yubikey is delivered with two connectors: A lightning and an USB-C, see: https://www.mtrix.de/shop/yubikey-5ci/. The key can be connected to a laptop and an iPhone by plug-in. So the new Yubikey 5Ci does not require NFC at all. You refer to the Yubikey 5 NFC. This technology is not supported by developers because they do not have experiences there. With the plug and play functionality of a lightning connector it is easier and few application already exist (e.g. Yubico authenticator and several password manager in the professional edition). Hope this information will be useful for you.

Okay, I recall that I have seen these Yubikeys. Can you tell me which GPG app you intended to use? I am not aware of any GnuPG ports to the iPhone.