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Release: cpp 733


Windows 2003, FTP to Top Noggin company


Trying to add a key to the Windows GPG and a FATAL ERROR message box pops up, stating, Ohhh jeee; This is a BUG, c:\OSS\winpt\Src\wptKeyManager.cpp:733; I just reinstalled the software and this error box popped up.

How To Repeat

Right click on icon in the sys tray and chose to Key Manager to add a key and edit the security.



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werner added a subscriber: gnupg-hackers.
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Seesm to be realted to Windows. However there are no
version imformations except for this cpp 733 - whatever this
means. The software is not by us; please ask at the
mainatiner of GnuPT.

Timo: Check whether this is a recent version of WinPT and
if not, please close this bug.

I could not reproduce the problem with a recent WinPT version.
If this problem occurrs again with gpg4win 1.0.4, please could you
provide a step-by-step report and maybe also the key which caused the