GpgOL plugin makes GFI Mailarchiver plugin crash in outlook 2016
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We use the GpgOL plugin in outlook 2016 together with the GFI Mailarchiver plugin on Windows 10 Enterprise.
When the GpgOL plugin is active and you want to open an archived mail in outlook with use of the GFI mailarchiver plugin outlook crashes.

We as company have made a ticket with GFI but after some research from the developers of GFI they point to the GpgOL plugin, i asked them if they can explain why they think GpgOL is the reason why it crashes.
GFI gave me the following statement:

Since the crash originates from "gpgol.dll", which belongs to the OpenPGP plugin, our development team does not have the proper symbols or source code to debug the application. This must be done by the software developers of the OpenPGP plugin. If the crash was pointing to one of the Archiver files, we would have been able to debug it.

Also tried to turn on the logging as explained in the article on the site but the registry keys didnt exist on my system.




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could you please go into the GpgOL setting and under "Debug" turn on logging on the highest level (+code trace) and then reproduce the crash and add the log here?
Including Data should not be needed so you can keep that checkbox unchecked to avoid having mail data in the logs.
This might help us to see where and why the crash occurs.



I added the log file.

I did 2 different logging levels cause the dutch translation of the options is really weird, couldn't really find out which one you ment in dutch so i did both (+code trace).

Hopefully one of the 2 is what you asked, let me know if it isnt correct.
I will choose the 3th option and attach that logging here again.



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Thanks for the logs. I can see the crashes, but I can't make heads or tails of them. We crash in completely valid code. I really don't want to play the blame game here but to me this would be explainable if there is an issue with refcounting in the GFI plugin that would release the IMessage or ISecureMessage MAPI Object from the ItemLoad event once to many. In that case the object we work with might be deleted at random times and that would explain it.

Otherwise I currently have no explanation.

It crashes in code like:

x = get_something_from_outlook_api ();
if (x)
 call_an_outlook_function (x);  < crash.

For now I have added this to the list of incompatible addons as I don't see anything we can do here. I really stared down the code to find any unhandled errors or code paths that could lead to crashes but I could not see anything.