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Document different use of pubring.gpg in newer versions
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Current documentation should state that pubring.gpg is not used by default anymore
and only used under some circumstances.

The place where it needs updating is;94d31660c6db22c3b539f440994d286f687c273f$3693

The behaviour is already described starting here;94d31660c6db22c3b539f440994d286f687c273f$640

what the whats-new-in-2.1.txt is not directly available from the main webpage.

Only for reference:
This report was triggered by a question about what the files do

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Thanks. Fixed for 2.2.22

Read through it, thanks for the updated description!

The description on section @efindex pubring.gpg could possibly be clarified further

  If this file is not available, @command{gpg} defaults to the new
	​  keybox format and creates a file @file{pubring.kbx} unless that file
	​  already exists in which case that file will also be used for OpenPGP
	​  keys.

Here is is unclear if both files are used and how (both read and write or just one for reading).

A suggestion for simplification (I haven't checked if this is correct, just from my understanding of your section):

Since version 2.1 this file is optional and will be used for reading pubkeys from.
For backward compatibility, it will be also used for writing pubkeys to, if there is no  or just an empty @file{pubring.kbx}.
If @file{pubring.gpg} does not exit, it will not be created.

 In the case that you have to use GnuPG 1.4 to decrypt archived data you should
keep this file.