Revocation Date after importing a Rev-Cert
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On 2020-06-17 i imported a revocation cert to my keyring. The key is revoked BUT the timestamp shows the date the Revocation-Cert was created instead of the date it was imported/applied!

In consideraton that gpg auto-generates a Revocation-Certificate right after Keypair-Generation and you apply that Revocation-Certificate eg. 10 years later, it still suggests that the key was revoked right after the Key-Pair was generated.

If possible gpg should display the date the Revocation-Cert was applied instead of the date it was created.


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That is unfortunately not possible because there is no fixed link between the key and the rev cert. Instead they are linked via cryptographic signatures. The pre-generated rev certs are a fail stop measure in the case that the user lost access to the private key and can't create a revocation with a concrete reasons etc.

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