Unable to uninstall correctly causes Windows update malfunction
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Since gpg4win version 3.1.11 installation I can't update windows 10. Latest version I was able to update to is 1803 version.
Whichever later version I am trying to install, in some stage appers error that "PGP" is installed. Despite fact, that there was never installed PGP, GPG4WIN is recognized as PGP and installed also after uninstallation.
The problem persists also when I tried to uninstall all over gpg4win.
I tried manually to find and destroy all registry keys containing "pgp" and "gpg" keys without any result.

I also tried to reinstall GPG4WIN and afterwords uninstall it.

I also tried Windows troubleshooter, but using their method I only get to functional 1803 version, which afterwords downloads latest 2004 version and in the middle of installation fails to the same problem.

Also I tried to clean up all over SoftwareDistribution database and all files cached with stopped appropriate services without any result.

Very importantly, I have other machine which is in the domain at working place. This machine was updated also to 2004 version without any problem. It seems, that there is something common to "stand-alone" machine, but no idea what else to try before the last possibility to make clean installation, what is time consuming and many various relations can be broken.

Any idea? Thank You!


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to give you any help I would need to know the exact error. I can only tell you that this is not a problem related to Gpg4win something else must be messy on your system. The Uninstaller of Gpg4win cleans up all registry keys that do not contain user config and all files should be removed unless some other process on the system interferes.

I don't think that we can help you because this does not appear related to us. The exact error which makes you think that the error has something to do with Gpg4win would be interesting.

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