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Kleopatra: Public key export not shown in Key Creation final dialog
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Its a small thing but I'm currently writing documentation how workflows should work with Kleopatra and noticed this.

The use case is contact with an external user that never has used GnuPG before:

  1. User A sends his pubkey to user B with the instruction to install Gpg4win and send User A a public key back.
  2. User B double clicks the pubkey of user A and generates a key to certify this.
  3. User B is lead into generating his own key for the certification.

But then User B does not have the option to save the pubkey to a file.
This comes from the time where we thought keyservers work.

I'm not sure what the best fix here is. Just adding a "export to file" option in the next steps after key creation seems too complicated. But might be a band-aid.

The whole wizard in my opinion needs a rework to be much more simple, as this is the first contact for many users with our software.

@ikloecker I've assigned this to me for now but probably won't work on it. This is probably something for after the YubiKey work.