Date output of GnuPG not in correct language format
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  1. Use a Windows with German language
  2. Open Command Line
  3. Verify a signed file with gpg --verify ....
  4. Date format is in US format MM/DD/YY instead european German DD.MM.YY
T:\>gpg --verify 1.gpg
gpg: Signatur vom 09/17/20 17:35:15 Mitteleuropõische Sommerzeit
gpg:                mittels RSA-Schlüssel A856CB191371BF21E2F9DC09269218D092DD50ED
gpg:                Aussteller ""
gpg: Korrekte Signatur von "GwenDragon <>" [ultimativ]
gpg:                     alias "GwenDragon <>" [ultimativ]
gpg:                     alias "GwenDragon <>" [ultimativ]


GnuPG 2.2.23 / GPG4Win 3.1.13 / Win 10 x64 Pro (2004) 10.0.19041.508