Unable to Creat OpenPGP new key pair, Unable to Connect to UIServer on startup. Creating a folder in my D drive as portable
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When creating keypair, Receiving error "Could not create key pair: No agent Running"

-about kleopatra-
Version Unknown Windows Version

Self-Test Result
All Passed, except UiServer Connectivity not reachable

Could not connect to UiServer: Could not connect to Kleopatra UI server at D:/A-Portables & Setups/Program Files (Portables)/gnupg-portable-win32-2.2.23-8/data/.gnupg/S.uiserver: Filename too long


d716c created this task.Sep 20 2020, 11:39 PM

I tried using the portable version it wasnt portable apps, i used it the zip file option from this site, https://portapps.io/app/gnupg-portable/

I moved folder into my Portable Apps drive folder but i didnt know how to get it to work, so I installed kleopatra version and it seems to create a folder in my D drive,
D:\A-Portables & Setups\Program Files (Portables)\gnupg-portable-win32-2.2.23-8\data\.gnupg
"private-keys-v1.d" (Folder)

with files like


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That is a version of gpg4win which we don't support or even know about. Please ask at their support site. Sorry.