installing gnupg 2.2.23 via macOS brew fails without any errors
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I'm using Catalina 10.15.5 with Xcode 12(or Xcode 12.2 Beta) CLT set, and the command below fails without any signs of error.

brew install --force gnupg@2.2.23

I'm attaching my post in brew forum as an external link to show logs.

I also used --verbose option but could not figure out what happened during the ./configure or compile process.

What I hope to be fixed is this: Show what is wrong in the runtime error when the verbose option is 'on'

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Please ask your distribution . What I see here is a problem with the packaging of a dedicated build system. This is not the build system which comes with GnuPG. Feel free to reopen if you can show that this is a native gnupg build problem.