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Release GnuPG 2.2.26
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.26 (2020-12-21)

  • gpg: New AKL method "ntds". [rG559efd23e9]
  • gpg: Fix --trusted-key with fingerprint arg. [rG8a2e5025eb]
  • scd: Fix writing of ECC keys to an OpenPGP card. [T5163]
  • scd: Make an USB error fix specific to SPR532 readers. [T5167]
  • dirmngr: With new LDAP keyservers store the new attributes. Never store the useless pgpSignerID. Fix a long standing bug storing some keys on an ldap server. [rG0e88c73bc9,rGe47de85382]
  • dirmngr: Support the new Active Direcory LDAP schema for keyservers. [rGac8ece9266]
  • dirmngr: Allow LDAP OpenPGP searches via fingerprint. [rGc75fd75532]
  • dirmngr: Do not block other threads during keyserver LDAP calls. [rG15bfd189c0]
  • Support global configuration files. [T4788,rGa028f24136]
  • Fix the iconv fallback handling to UTF-8. [T5038]

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If you encounter this error message when running gpgconf --list-options gpg:

gpgconf: Option gpgconf-gpg.conf, needed by backend GnuPG, is not absolute

please simply create an empty file /etc/gnupg/gpg.conf or wherever your global configuration files are expected ("gpgconf --list-dirs sysconfdir" shows it). Bug fixed with commit rG9f37d3e6f307a9