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GpgOL: Check that verify errors still show a decrypted message on decrypt & verify
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I give this high priority because for some users this might result in data not visible. My first step here will be just looking at the code to check if all error paths are properly handled, afterwards it might get a lower priority.

When decryption succeeds we should always show content of a message even if verify fails. I'm pretty sure the code already intends that but reports in the forum seem to indicate otherwise.



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I could find no issue with the error handling for verify errors.

But I've added some more error handling for the no data case with rev. 308d56db09f0b6d81f514120034ec983a9966f59

Now I'll wait for reports which offer some insight into why gpgol tries to decrypt what data in which case.

Released with gpg4win-3.1.15