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PKA export uses algorithm number for "ECDSA Curve P-384 with SHA-384" instead of "Ed25519" for "Ed25519/Ec25519" keys
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For example when I run: gpg2 --export-options=export-pka --export 7B52519EB77124034BAAAE77348B4BDC6047AF45, this is part of the output:

; 7B52519EB77124034BAAAE77348B4BDC6047AF45
; Taavi Eomäe <>
g6c5negyk34xqubc67draiyqoynhc9jo TYPE37 \# 26 0006 0000 00 14 7B52519EB77124034BAAAE77348B4BDC6047AF45

Am I misunderstanding something or is it using algo ID 14? If yes to the latter, wouldn't 15 make more sense with Ed25519/Ec25519 keys?



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werner added a subscriber: werner.

PKA is dead but anyway: What you see is a record from a DNS zone file which has a specific semantic. The 14 for example means that 20 bytes follow.

Oh, any chance GPG could inform the user when using export-pka that it is dead/deprecated? Also thanks for the quick reply.