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gnupg: checked HTTP links in source code
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get all http links from source code and checked them by hand
(do not include those from copyright notice, license files, SVG files, and abandoned Po entries)
some are broken and some are https available
and here is a report

should we convert them to https?
and how to fix the broken ones?

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Thanks. However, we need to go over the list one by one to decide this. For example
"" is actually expected to return a 404 and test code may very well use http:

OK, I only edited documents and notes, no code changes.

D523: Change GNU License notice HTTP links to HTTPs I have check the origin license text and it have been changed to https
D524: change HTTP links to HTTTPs some other documents

Sorry, we won't apply such changes. A couple of years we did this and all we earned were a few extra bugs aqnd useless diffs. Further many of those changes are in files which will be updated from upstream time to time and your chnages would be lost.