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GPA - Crypto Backend Configurator ignores screen zoom factor and partially falls off screen
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The CBC form falls partially off screen when the screen zoom factor in MS Windows is set such that the resulting form height is more than the screen height. I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with native resolution oi 1920x1080 and recommended 150% zoom. In this setting I cannot reach the buttons on the bottom also because the form height cannot be reduced any further to fit the visible area.

If I reduce the zoom to 125% or 100% the buttons become visible and can be clicked (but then the text is barely readable).


GPA 0.10.0

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Thanks for using GPA. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that GPA development has been stopped and I can't say whether we will fix that bug any time soon. Please consider to switch to Kleopatra which is the standard key manager included in gpg4win.