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T5454 Continue Gpgme still shows secret flag even when the secret key content is missing
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% ./run-keylist --verbose --with-secret D10531533ED7624A
keyid   : D10531533ED7624A
fpr     : 9C60AFFED3412F22736135FED10531533ED7624A
grip    : 09FF90F506A901656F23FDF4063C015C8348A77E
caps    : esc
flags   : secret de-vs
upd     : 0 (0)
fpr    1: 82AD9BB27685E3AAB1A6DC8985F9795C6B95710C
grip   1: CCF0FC523E519B85DB77D9018CD5213CE651AF3E
caps   1: e
flags  1: secret de-vs
fpr    2: EB3FB70689D8717E069F39E290536ECE5E7D918A
grip   2: F20F9D2563D2E0F8040789078AC67432B1906258
caps   2: s
flags  2: secret de-vs
% gpg --list-secret-keys                                
sec#  rsa3072 2021-05-08 [SC]
uid           [ unknown] ********** <********@******.com>
ssb   rsa3072 2021-05-08 [E]
ssb   rsa4096 2021-05-08 [S]

Thank you for your enthusiastic answer to my question in T5454.
Compare the above two output.
In the output of the GPG command, there is a # sign after the key pair ”sec“, which means that the content of the master key does not exist.



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werner added a subscriber: werner.

Please read T5454 again. To get the listing I showed you need to use the latest gpgme from Git master.

I tried again after cloning the master branch, and I finally figured it out. Sorry for the trouble caused by this irrelevant question just submitted. thanks again.